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Popular Symbols on Jewelry

You’ve seen them worn by the hottest celebrities, embedded or engraved in almost all things, and designed as jewelry pieces. Yet you still feel the disconnect. Perhaps it’s because you don’t understand what these symbols stand for. Today, you’ll discover their worth.


Infinity is more than a component in some mathematical equation. As its name suggests, it’s an intertwining loop that doesn’t have any end. Anyone who wears it supports everlasting life or love that’s is unconditional, pure, and forever.

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There are a lot of symbols about love, from chocolates to teddy bears, roses, and Cupid. But the most iconic of them all is the heart. Anatomy says when you feel emotions including admiration and desire, the heart starts beating fast, so in the process, you experience the various levels of lovely feelings.

Family Tree

The family tree is a symbol of the family or kinship. Just like a tree, generations of families are composed of inter-branching relationships that all come from the main source. Going deeper, it could signify the strong bond a family has.

Tree of Life

The tree of life has various meanings whether you’re into science, religion, and mythology. Often it signifies the ultimate beginning of you—that you’re a spirit that belongs to the universe and over time has evolved into a complex human being.


The lotus is one of the long-standing symbols and flowers in Buddhism. It represents the sustenance of pureness, kindness, and virtues of a person amid the temptations and struggles in the world. It also stands for a better change of heart if only a person adheres to the Buddhist teachings.


When you do meditation, you normally say om. It’s not only because of tradition but also because of what that one syllable stands for: oneness with the universe. In other words, when you meditate, you become aware and become more connected to your subconscious.

Celtic Knot

The Celtic knot plays a huge part in the arts and history of the Celtics. In fact, you can see them drawn as mosaics in age-old churches especially in Europe. A Celtic knot can carry the same meaning as an infinity, though it usually means the endless cycle of birth and rebirth. Though there’s an end, it’s never definite because you’re born again.


During the sixties and seventies, the sign—a circle with an upside-down two-pronged symbol in the middle—became popular to promote unity and peace. Remember, it was the height of race riots and wars. Considering that these problems still exist, you might as well wear peace to spread it.

Flower of Life

The Flower of Life is one of the oldest symbols in the world. They stand for self-awareness, growth of the body and spirit, and fearlessness.

Star of David

The Star of David is a fixture in Judaism and Kabbalistic teachings. The six pointed stars seem to stand for the majestic rule of God to all mankind (the six points mean the various directions such as north, south, etc.).

Ichthus Fish Christian Symbol

Ichthus may look like a fish, but for the Christians, it actually means Jesus. If you wear it, it means you believe that he is the Son of God and your savior.

Bow Ring

A bow ring is often given to you or from you to another person. It’s a way of saying, “Remember me.”

You can find symbols in form of jewelry and wear them every day. Check out  infinity symbol jewelry.

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Tell us which symbol you would want on your jewelry and why?