Monogram Bracelet
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Monograms are often reserved for the luxurious and exclusive trappings of the rich—monogrammed bed sheets, pillowcases, towels, robes, and other such things.  Nothing else looks more expensive than bespoke accessories—having them clearly says that one can afford to have something made just for her, whether it is clothes, trappings for the home, or even jewelry.

Monogrammed jewelry has been a really hot trend among the members of the Hollywood royalty over the last few years—with the brightest movie and TV stars wear different varieties of monogrammed jewelry to casual outings, the filming of their movies and television shows, and even to exclusive premiers, parties, and awards nights.  There monogrammed jewelry in different colors—from silver to yellow, white, and rose gold—and set with different gemstones.  There are a lot of celebrities who wear the silver initial necklace of their own names, but there are also some who prefer wearing their loved ones’ initials in their monogram jewelry.  One of the stars that do this is Katie Holmes, who gained popularity as Joey Potter on the hit teen TV show from the WB Network and who eventually married Tom Cruise, with whom she has an adorable daughter named Suri.  Katie has been seen wearing a dainty monogrammed necklace—a sleek little golden disk with a simple “S” embossed on the metal, and is lined by little diamonds.  Rock star and fashion designer Gwen Stefani, Cougar City’s Courteney Cox, and TV personality and fashion designer Nicole Richie are also seen with the monogrammed jewelry necklace trend.

These famous women and mothers have been rocking the engraved necklace with the initials of their children’s name—which is a really sweet gesture for a mother to do, wearing her children’s names around her all the time, as though she is carrying their memories with her wherever she goes.  Plus, it is always a delight to have someone ask them what the letters stand for—it is quite a good way to start a conversation about kids without being totally awkward.

Initial Necklace
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Academy Award winner Halle Berry has also been seen wearing a small letter “N” in yellow gold and classy ball chain a couple of times—and she admits this corresponds to her daughter Nahla’s name.  Jennifer Lopez and Christina Applegate are big fans of this trend, too.

Monogrammed jewelry does not only look expensive, exclusive, and classily simple, but it can also be experimented with.  If you are a mother and you want to look as stylish as the celebrity mothers we have mentioned, you can try wearing monogrammed initial necklace pieces on their own—say, with just about any outfit from casual to corporate to chic and classy.  But what if you have two or more children?  Is it okay to wear necklace pendants of their name too?  Of course!  Silver initial jewelry, as well as the gold disc ones as seen on Katie Holmes, look quite great to mix together, like some sort of charm necklace.