Sterling silver, a perfect blend of 100% pure silver and any other metal, is in high demand these days. Pure silver being too soft in nature is alloyed with nickel or platinum to make is durable.

Ideally, most of the jewelers use platinum and nickel to produce Sterling Silver, but a few also use copper. Usage of copper does not let sterling silver to tarnish. Although sterling silver might sound costly, due to the presence of platinum, gold, nickel or copper, it is quite reasonable priced. It makes a perfect gift for your loved ones on any special occasion.

Sterling silver is trending at a very fast pace because of its durability and shine, provided it is stored in a cloth or tarnish prevention box. A sterling silver name necklace can be a beautiful gift for your ladylove. With various manufacturers offering customization options to their customers, it won’t be difficult for you to design one.

Keepsake name necklace

Nameplate necklace is truly keepsake item and many people gift it to their loved ones. You could choose the length of the chain according to the size of your pendant. If the name is too long, then you could double the thickness of your necklace. The necklace and the pendant are designed using precious stones and metals such as:

  • Diamond Necklace
  • Gold double thickness
  • Gold plated name necklace
  • 18k gold necklace
  • Sterling silver necklace
  • White gold name necklace
  • Color name necklace
  • Birthstone name necklace

Each design is unique and surely a person who wears it, will standout in crowd.

Magnificence of the birthstone

Birthstone jewelry items add extra gorgeousness to your fashion jewelry collection. Usually birthstones are dedicated to twelve zodiac symbols and they are available in the form of earrings, bracelets, necklaces and pendants. Birthstone necklace charms are very popular among the youngsters. Usually, sterling silver necklace is matched with the birthstone charms so that it looks more dazzling and unique.

Gold necklace – A memorable gift item

Giving gifts to your loved ones and taking gifts from them always brings great joy among the people. You could gift a beautiful gold jewelry or other articles to you close friends, family members and off course your spouse. Having your special someone’s name on the gold item or ornament can enhance your relationships. Gold name necklace is a perfect gift for any occasion for love of your life.

You need not worry about the prices of such personalized necklaces, especially if your budget is low, as you get it in solid gold, gold plated and white gold. Thus, this gives you an option to choose from the three depending on your ability to spend.