In this day and age, an increasing number of people are buying personalized and unique jewelry. One of these types of personalized jewelry is name necklaces. However, another increasingly popular type of personal jewelry is custom name necklaces. With the subtle difference between custom and non-custom name necklaces, it is hard to decide which type is better.


Jewelry has always been particularly expensive. Even now, this fact remains relatively unchanged. Comparing custom name necklaces with regular name necklaces, it is rather obvious that regular, non-custom, variants are definitely cheaper.

It is important the reason for the increased cost be understood. After all, there has to be a reason why custom name necklaces are pricier. Considering all the customizations you can make with custom name necklaces, they are priced higher. Regular name necklaces only have a name on it and hence cost less to create.

In terms of customizations, it is rather evident which of the two is superior. Custom name necklaces allow the buyer to customize the entire necklace. They can decide what font they want the name in, how the shape of the name should be, the metal of the necklace, the amount of gems studded into the name, how the name should be spaced (its layout) and any special engravings.

With a regular name necklace, the only choice you get is what material the chain is to be made out of and what name you want on the necklace. Although cheaper, regular name necklaces do not have the same appeal as custom variants. However, it should be remembered that not everyone loves custom name necklaces; some people prefer simple name necklaces.

Sentimental Value

When buying a gift, each gift has its own appeal and value. Regardless of how good the jewelry is, a diamond wedding ring will always carry more sentimental value than diamond earrings. Although, the story changes when comparing two same item types, with differing features.

In terms of sentimental value, customized name necklaces will usually carry more than regular name necklaces. This is primarily because more effort has been put into the necklace to make it more attractive and special to the wearer.

Custom name necklaces have their own unique charm, as do regular name necklaces. If you have the extra money, a custom name necklace is the best buy. However, if you prefer simple personalized jewelry or do not have a large budget, regular non-custom variants are ideal.