Carrie can be a pet name or a nickname for the full name of Carol, Caroline, or Karen, but to most women who have been a fan of the hit TV series Sex and the City on HBO, the Carrie name is associated with a most beloved character.  Carrie Bradshaw is Sarah Jessica Parker’s

Sterling Silver Necklace Personalized
AJS001 – Horizontal Cursive Font ‘Carrie’ Style

character on Sex and the City, a newspaper columnist living the Big Apple and working for a fictional newspaper called The New York Star.  The Carrie name has also been closely associated with exquisitely beautiful and outrageously expensive shoes from Manolo Blahnik, Jimmy Choo, and Christian Louboutin.  Carrie Bradshaw is a character obsessed with fashion—from clothes and shoes to bags and jewelry—and, after a career that spans six TV show seasons and two blockbuster movies, have been a fashion icon for millions of women all over the world.

Necklace with Carrie Name on It
Style AJS003 – Vertical Font with ‘Carrie’ Name

At the mention of the Carrie name, the first thing that will come to her fans’ minds is the tank top and tutu ensemble she wore on the opening credits of Sex and the City, but there are also some who will immediately remember the exquisite name necklace she wore on the show.  Back then, personalized items were reserved to those who can truly afford to have something—a piece of jewelry, for example—to be made exclusively for them.  But Carrie Bradshaw wearing it on cable TV signaled middle-class women could get their own personalized “Carrie” necklace.  Of course, they probably do not share the Carrie name, but the idea is there.  The personalized name necklace is attributed to Carrie Bradshaw, among other things.

Perhaps the main attraction that the female viewers of Sex and the City felt with the Carrie name necklace is its simplicity and timeless appeal.  The personalized Carrie necklace Sarah Jessica Parker’s wore constantly on the show is perfect with just about anything—with a simple tank top, a low-necked dress, a crisp shirt with a couple of buttons left opened.  It is also quite great for layering with other classic necklaces—pearl, ruby, diamond—whatever one feels like wearing that day.

The personalized necklace does not look ostentatious or luxurious—the name is spelled in a cute scripted typeface and is held on two opposite sides by a thin link chain.  This Carrie name necklace is perfect for any kind of skin tone, any size of woman, and just about any body type—making it an ideal accessory that no one will be scared of buying.  Needless to say, there were a lot of women named Carrie who enjoyed the personalized Carrie Style once it has gained popularity—but you do not need to share the same name to have your own personalized necklace made.  You do not even need to have a short name of six letters to have your own version of the Carrie name necklace—there are jewelry designers and manufacturers that are making name necklaces with two or even three decks.