Symbol Jewelry

The Love and Life That You Wear: The Deep Meanings of Symbols

You’ve seen them worn by the hottest celebrities, embedded or engraved in almost all things, and designed as jewelry pieces. Yet you still feel the disconnect. Perhaps it’s because you don’t understand what these symbols stand for. Today, you’ll discover their worth. Infinity Infinity is more than a component in some mathematical equation. As its ...
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Name Necklaces

Initial Necklaces – The Rising Trend

Personalized initial necklaces are becoming increasingly popular nowadays. In fact, they are among the most popular types of personalized jewellery available. They are beautiful, simple, and affordable and carry more meaning than any ordinary necklace. In fact, they mean more to people than normal necklaces. Time for Something Different For many different reasons, most people ...
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Men’s Gold Bracelets – Express Yourself

Originally, bracelets, especially gold bracelets, were only worn by women. However, times are rapidly changing. Slowly, more and more men started wearing mens gold bracelets. Initially, it was only something that male celebrities would wear. Now, men all over the world are wearing gold bracelets; although they each carry different meanings. Why the Change? The ...
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Engraved Jewelry

How to Customize Engraved Necklaces

Custom engraved necklaces are fast increasing their ranks on everybody’s wish list. They are stylish, elegant, beautiful and above all, incredibly special. This type of personalized jewelry not only works perfectly as a necklace, beautiful for everyone to see, but it also doubles as one of the most sentimental treasures you will ever possess. The ...
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Name Rings

How to Buy the Best Name Rings

Whether it is jewelry, food, clothes, electronics, furniture, etc, as humans, it is only natural to want the best of everything. When it comes to jewelry, nothing is ever enough. When you are looking at a brilliant 14K gold name ring, there will always be a different ring you can buy. Buying a name ring ...
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Custom Name Necklaces vs. Regular Name Necklaces

In this day and age, an increasing number of people are buying personalized and unique jewelry. One of these types of personalized jewelry is name necklaces. However, another increasingly popular type of personal jewelry is custom name necklaces. With the subtle difference between custom and non-custom name necklaces, it is hard to decide which type ...
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